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    Our history: from 1989 Ellegi Motori

    Ellegi Motori srl was created in 1989, by Gaetano Lionti after 18 years of passion and experience in the racing car, after years of working for an important and leading tuner in the motor racing world.

    In which his work was exclusively the preparation of engines from the F3 to the F1, Gaetano obtained enough experience to start his own company and from the start has prepared various type of engines for many cars and championships, in particular Alfa and Fiat engines for the F3 championship and engines based on Alfa and Bmw for endurance and sprint races in circuit and mountain racing events, historic engines from Toyota F3,Alfa Romeo Twin and Singol Spark, Volkwagen, Alfa TZ1, Ford Cosworth DFV, Ford Capri, Judd F1, BMW F2, rally raid engines as Nissan, Mitsubishi, Renault, Porsche, Mercedes, FIA GT Maserati and Ferrari 360 GT2 engines, for team and drivers of different nationalities.

    From 1996 Ellegi Motori starts work in the interesting and fascinating world of ultralight aeroplanes, our aim has been to produce a reliable engine for a machine to fly, with the Fiat Fire 1100 Cc., 1240 Cc., 1400 Cc. Engine with racing management system. Ellegi Motori has replaced the carburettors and assemble a modern racing management system that give a lot of satisfaction to the most suspicious customer.


    Our activity

    The activity of Ellegi Motori srl is the preparation of racing engine.
    The engine coming from the serie productions are study and develop for obtain best performans in torke and power, this thanks to meccanic and elettronic modification.
    Thanks to the equipments available in our work-shop and to our trust suppliers, we can control, modify and build the special parts for our engines and on request. The research,
    the design and the development of our products are realized with last generation software and skilled workers.
    The Ellegi Motori to satisfy always the request of the customers rent also engines for the season. We could also organize the engine management for CHAMPIONSHIP OF SINGLE-COMPANY. We have at our disposal an engines test bench
    (Borghi & Saveri, 1000 CV 14000 RPM) that it is up dated in the 1999 with Personal Computer. A special software administrate all parameters and it can execute the tests in automatic or semiautomatic mode. The bench has sensors that measure exhaust, water, air and lambda temperatures and meteorologic parameters. It is connect to a printer with which we could check and compare data and graphics. Therefore we also in a position to do bench tests of different type of engines, not only of our production.
    The mapping of the special ECU that we use on our engines is managed from our technicians that give their support to our customers also in the box for verify the many parameters that the ECU allows. Thanks to the system of data-logger that is also inside of our ECU, we can read and analyse many and different parameters of the engine but also of the chassis.

    How to reach us


    Ellegi motori srl - Caltignaga - Italia

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    FIAT FIRE 1400 Cc. 

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