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    Competition parts

    Welcome to the Ellegi Motori page, race parts!

    ELLEGI MOTORI srl was founded in 1989 and its work consisted in the preparation of racing parts. At the beginning of its activity, the ellegi engines, has prepared various types of racing parts for multiple cars and leagues. In 1996, Ellegi Motori went into another interesting and fascinating world that of ultralights, our proposal was that of a reliable engine that meets the needs of a car to fly with the engine FIAT FIRE 1100 Cc., 1240 Cc. , 1400 Cc. with electronic racing management.

    The Ellegi Motori preparation, racing parts, abandoned the carburetors to assemble a modern but reliable electronic ignition giving much satisfaction even to the most suspicious customers. The programming of the special control units mounted on our engines is managed by internal technicians also on the track to allow the fine tuning of the multiple functions that they allow. Thanks to the data acquisition systems, we are able to detect and analyze numerous parameters concerning both the engine and the car, so with these systems the engine is always under strict control.