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    Motor sports

    Ellegi Motori to satisfy always the request of the customers rent also engines for the season. We could also organize the engine management for CHAMPIONSHIP OF SINGLE-COMPANY. In the new workshop we have at our disposal two Borghi & Saveri dynos, 1000 CV 14000 RPM. A special software manages all parameters and it can execute the tests in automatic or semiautomatic mode. The bench has sensors that measure exhaust, water, air and lambda temperatures and meteorologic parameters. It is connect to a printer with which we could check and compare data and graphics.

    Therefore we are able to make bench tests of different type of engines, not only for our engines.

    The mapping of the special ECU is managed from the team of highly skilled track support personnel that provide assistance and support to our customers. The track support team has factory back up when required, which ensures smooth running of the engine and car under all conditions. Thanks to ECU data-logger, we can read and analyse many and different parameters of the engine but also of the chassis. The track support ensures that customers and partners get the best out of their engines. Engineers are on hand to tune the engine in order to obtain optimum performance for the prevailing boundary conditions. For example variations in fuel quality, ambient conditions or driver preferences.



    - con centralina BOSCH Motorsport;

    - restauro e aggiornamento impianto elettrico vetture storiche, tra cui Cosworth DFV e DFR, Ferrari F1 12 cil., BMW M12/7, ecc.